On 26-Jan-2022, Wednesday;

Amid a sprinkling bright sunshine and spirits swelled in the honour of our Nation,
GCMT proudly celebrated #republicday #2022 and the enthusiasm could be well witnessed in every person present in the premises….
The event started by the Unfurling of our beloved Tricolor Flag by Mr. Gagan Sharma, DIRECTOR GCMT and followed by NATIONAL ANTHEM….
The event was anchored by Mrs.Seema Sharma, Senior Staff Faculty.
At first Mohd. Asif Khan, REGISTRAR spoke about the History of INDIAN REPUBLIC and also introduced the faculty members to the students…
Later on, Mr. Girish C. Sharma, DEAN took over and very precisely delivered the motive and target achieved by our college in the past years…
Followed by him, Dr. Anshu Saxena excelled up in delivering the importance of SAFFRON, WHITE & GREEN in our day to day lives….
The event was proceeded by the felicitation ceremony of all the sessional & annual achievers……
Group photos and selfies perked up the event…
Event covered and reported by Ms.Portia Sharma………

We congratulate all the winners and to all the Indians who walk in the honor of our nation……💐


On 15th August 2022, Monday:

GCMT celebrated 75th Independence Day with immense pride and honour for the Nation and The martyred souls…….👨🏻‍✈️👩🏻‍✈️
Event started with the flag hoisting ceremony done by Mrs. Shashibala Sharma, Clg PRESIDENT followed by the National Anthem in the college premises….. The value of this Tricolor flag was revised beautifully by Mohd. Asif Khan, Clg REGISTRAR….. *Unity in Diversity* was reframed by Mr.Girish C. Sharma, Clg DEAN….. The initiation and duration throughout the AMRIT MAHOTSAVA was wonderfully narrated by Dr. Anshu Saxena, Clg PRINCIPAL….
Words of pure patriotism and warmth delivered by BBA, B.Çom & BCA departments of GCMT, Aligarh…..
*Unity In Diversity* was reviewed and the patriotism was well spoken out by The Science Faculty of GCMT…
Education is the root of Success and it is the easiest way to showcase your patronage; Words by Deptt. of Education. Enthusiasm of a National Festival was filled with utmost sincerity and humour by Mrs. S B Sharma, Clg President.
GCMT firmly believes that only A GOOD EDUCATOR CAN FRAME A GOOD NATION and here the enthusiasm of GCMT staff is quite visible…..
All the faculty members poured out their warm patriotic emotions in few lines and it was worth listening…..🇮🇳