On 4/Dec/2021, Saturday

There has been a voter’s awareness workshop conducted in the college auditorium……
The event was under the supreme guidance of Ms.Selva Kumari J. DM, ALIGARH….
The CHIEF GUEST of the event was Mr.K.L.Verma,ABSA Aligarh. who was welcomed with a Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony and his words and motivational speech was exceptionally boosting for the youth present….
The GUEST OF HONOUR had been the SVEEP COORDINATOR; Prof.Sunita Gupta, Associate Professor,D S College Aligarh. She was welcomed followed by Lamp Lighting in the honour of Goddess Saraswati.She has been a generous and modest orator for the event who cleared several general yet problematic doubts of our youngsters….
The amazing hospitality had been served by Mrs.S.B.Sharma, DIRECTOR, GCMT who took special care at every nook to take this event upto a certain success and it was highly appreciated by our visitors…..
The whole management team was lead by Mohd.Asif Khan, Mr.Girish Sharma, Mr.Akhil Sharma, Mrs.Bhawna Anand, Mrs.Seema Sharma, Ms.Portia Sharma, Mr.Deepak Singh, Mr.Kuldeep Sharma & Mr.Ajay….
The program was also attended by three Assistant Teachers, namely Mrs.Nikita Agarwal, Mrs.Sweta Sharma & Mrs.Varsha Saxena. They also shared their joy of presence in the event…
A Prayer Service Dance, A Skit, A Duet Song had also been performed by the students……..
Event report has been covered by Ms. Portia Sharma, Asst. Professor.
A group of students from B.Ed. BBA, BCA came ahead with their performances.
In the event all the faculty members & students from all the departments were assembled to zest up the spirit….